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Stuff White Converts Like: Going to Eid on Time

Stuff White Converts Like: Going to Eid on Time

White Muslims should be kindly informed that the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) of being on time, which they practice so well, is actually to be ignored during Eid, and throughout the year for all mosque functions for that matter. Continue reading

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  • Muslim Converts.org is a safe space and open platform for real, engaging, thoughtful, and relevant dialogue on the intimate and often neglected issues that plague the lives of struggling new converts to Islam, with a focus on converts living in North America and Europe.

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  • I'm entertained by the obsession that your foot has to be literally on my foot during prayer. Chill, lol. (Submitted by a guest) 3 years ago
  • Actually, Samuel is my Muslim name. #lifeofaconvert 4 years ago
  • RT @MuftiAbdullah: "Ramadan is not the superbowl, but it is the training camp for the rest of the year" @AbdullahBros 4 years ago
  • Think about what it feels like to walk into a crowded room where everyone looks different and looks at you. That's a mosque for a convert. 4 years ago

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